History of the Conference
61 Years and Still Growing

The Archdiocese of Miami sports program has come a long way in 61 years. Back in 1956-60 there were a
handful of schools that played sports against each other. These schools did not belong to a conference. They just
played each other is two boys sports, basketball & baseball. Little did they know that this was the start of their
first independent league. The original charter members were Sts. Peter & Paul, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St
Rose of Lima, Holy Family, and Immaculate Conception, St. John the Apostle, St. Theresa, and St. Mary's
Cathedral. The first name that we know of for the Conference was "The Catholic Grade School League". This
name was given to the league in 1965. In 1966, the first girls sport was introduced, volleyball. This was followed
by girls’ softball in 1969 and girls’ basketball in 1971. In 1970, the league had a name change to "The Catholic
Athletic League". As the league grew with more schools, so did the addition of more sports. Track & Field meets
were added on Saturdays in the early 70's, along with flag football. For two more years, from 1976 to 78, the
league was run from the office of the C.Y.O. (Catholic Youth Organization). This was the start of the Archdiocese
overseeing the league.

In the early 80's two more sports were added, cross country & soccer. Then volleyball and softball
tournaments were also added. In 1982 the name was changed to "The All Catholic Conference" as it is known
today. This was also when the Archdiocese Department of Schools appointed a moderator to oversee the running
of the Conference. In 1989, the Conference added two new events, the Coaches Olympics and the Jr. Olympics
for the children in the Conference. In 1993, the 1st Annual Coaches Awards Dinner was held. In 1999, two more
new sports were added: boys’ and girls’ Spring volleyball. Also in 1999 the Conference started the Coaches Hall
of Fame Induction Ceremony.

The inductees for the Coaches Hall of Fame are as follows:

1st Inductee – Frank Ramos from St.Theresa School (1999)
2nd Inductee - Carlos Barquin from Belen Jesuit Prep (2000)
3rd Inductee - Joan Dembowski from St. Timothy (2001)
4th Inductee - Jerry Streit from St. Brendan (2002)
5th Inductee - Valarie Lloyd from St. Timothy (2003)
6th Inductee - Maria Alonso from St. Theresa School (2004)
7th Inductee - William Oharriz from Sts. Peter and Paul (2005)
8th Inductee - Mark Dusek from St. Joseph (2006)
9th Inductee - Joe Velazquez from Sts. Peter and Paul (2007)
10th Inductee – Rosa Tarrats from Sts. Peter and Paul (2008)
11th Inductee – Bert Adan from Sacred Heart (2009)
12th Inductee – Elena Dyer from Holy Rosary (2010)
13th Inductee – Arturo Fernandez from St. Patrick (2011)
14th Inductee – Debbie Cohen from St. Agnes (2012)
15th Inductee - Vincent Fragano from St. Timothy (2013)
16th Inductee – Sharyon Henderson from St. Kevin (2014)
17th Inductee - Rodrigo Bustamante from St. Agnes (2015)
18th Inductee – Lazaro Barbeite from Sts. Peter and Paul (2016)
19th Inductee - Joe Diaz from St. Kevin (2017)
20th Inductee - Victor Arrieta, from Belen Jesuit Prepatory School (2018)

In 2000 came the addition of girls’ Jr. Varsity volleyball and basketball. After years of being idle, flag
football was also reinstated. Also the Conference sponsored the first Tri-county Championships for private
schools in three sports: cross country, cheerleading, & track & field. In the year 2001, the Conference added three
more sports, Jr. Varsity boys’ soccer, Primary boys’ basketball & girls’ varsity flag football. In 2007 a Primary
sport was added, boys’ and girls’ soccer. Also the first boys’ and girls’ basketball playoff was introduced with
schools classified in 4A, 3A 2A & 1A competing for the first Maria Alonso Memorial trophy. In 2008, the first
girls’ volleyball playoff was introduced with schools competing for the first Joan Dembowski Memorial trophy. In
2011, the Golden Knight Scholar Athlete Service Award was started. In 2013, the first Varsity boys’ flag football
classification playoff was held. In 2014, the first Varsity girls’ flag football championship was held. In 2015, the
first boys’ and girls’ soccer classification playoffs were held. The first Varsity baseball classification playoff was
held in 2016.

In 2017-2018 the conference instituted the Play Like a Champion Today Catholic Character Education
Program. The Jerry Streit Memorial Trophy was introduced. From the original 8 schools that started 59 years ago,
we have grown to 27 member schools with a total of 38 sports. (We have also had an additional six schools in the
Conference that have closed). The league has also had 13 presidents or directors who have shown their leadership in
a variety of ways. We have also had many moderators who have supported the Conference. Thanks to all for making
the conference such a success!